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Energy Solutions for C&I

Why Make the Move Towards Solar Power?

Solar Power has a great deal of benefits for the human race. Whether you are a home owner, a business owner or an Industrialist, solar power is the most efficient, clean and affordable alternative to existing fossil based energy sources.
Become a contributor to the sustainable movement today.

Your personal power generating machine.

Investing in a solar power setup at your home allows you the benefit of staying clear from electricity fee prices that are subject to surges due to increase in demand at certain hours in the day. Having a solar power system takes away your dependence and reliance on the Grid supply.

A system that saves and makes you money.

Solar Power systems when connected to the grid become a money making asset that allows you to earn while the sun shines. All solar panels come with a 25 Year Efficiency Guarantee that ensures a specific production output year on year.

Uninterrupted Power Supply while the sun shines.

In India, every household faces power cuts throughout the year, some due to load shedding and some due to acts of nature. An installed solar power system ensures that you are supplied with power during the day and even has the option of storing energy for power at night.

Cleaner Air for you and your loved ones.

The more we shift towards cleaner, renewable energy, the more we can reduce our dependence on toxic, fossil based fuels that harm us and our environment.


High Efficiency Solar Cells

Why Tersus Solar over Others?

The most efficient solar cell in the global market

We have developed the most efficient solar cell in the global market, based on the Mono PERC design. The cell also boasts of a unique contact design that increases the life of the product by many years and can continue to produce power even incase of physical damages. ​

Organised to focus on continuous innovation.

Our organisational style is suited for continuous Research and Development of new products in the energy and electronic technology space. Our vision is to help our race move towards the use and reliance of clean energy.

Ecosystem of Energy Saving Products and Services.

We are parallely building the ecosystem for users to move to products that can run on renewable technology. We have designed and developed smart products for homes that help you save energy when your appliances are not in use or allow you to control, schedule and monitor your appliances wirelessly through your smartphone.

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Residential, Commercial or Industrial,
we have you covered.

We offer a Turnkey solution for Solar Power Installation setups.

We design, plan, install and take care of the paperwork.

Check out our About Us to know more

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