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About Us

Tersus means ‘Clean’ in Latin. Our vision is to help our race move towards clean and sustainable sources of energy and to optimise our current usage of Energy through Intelligent systems.

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Fields of Work

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Renewable Energy 

 Solar is the most affordable clean energy technology as of today.  Most of our work in the field of Energy is centered around the use of High Efficiency Solar Technology. Our mission is to work with all types of clean energy sources and be instrumental in driving down cost through research.

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Automation and Industry 4.0

We work in parallel in the field of electronics and automation for Industries, commercial units as well as homes. We develop technologies in-house that help you optimise your energy utilisation and automate tasks wherever possible to free up your time and resources.

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Electric Mobility

 Currently in a research and design stage, we are working on technologies such as re-gen breaking and BMS systems to improve the electric mobility industry.

Who we are

The people working towards building the Vision for Tersus are a group of Engineers, Researchers, Designers, Business Consultants and Marketeers.

Our culture is built on a common strand of empathy for the users  of our products and services and a strong desire for problem solving. 

We believe in the power of community and teamwork, the very concepts that have allowed us to grow and scale. We now wish to use the same concepts to help protect our planet, by helping our race be more sustainable in our energy production and utilisation.

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